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I'm outraged that we aren't honoring our men and women of law enforcement by keeping them safe with mini-cameras. Can Obama do something about something for once in his golfing career? Can we get some damn GoPro's  on them, or should we not spare any expense above APC's and drones to ensure they always get their man (or cray cray bitch)? 
I finally got rid of that crap after watching the same shitty Z-grade movies for half a decade. I had both the streaming and movies by mail plans (until the douche nozzles started fucking with the payment plan), but that's all over now. Fortunately, you can get movies at any library, in any town, without paying monthly subscription fees (or any fees in most cases).

Their original shows suck, too.

Does anyone else here NOT pay monthly fees for movies?
So, for tax purposes, the new home of the Whopper is going to be Canada. Don't worry though, Burger King will still enjoy all the benefits of U.S. taxpayer-funded infrastructure, defense, education, etc., they just won't be paying for it.

It seems an average effective federal tax rate of 12.6% is too much, even for a King -- or perhaps the name has gone to their head.

Nobody supports tax-dodging corporations, correct? Especially fast food chains that young people in this country rely on for shitty no-skill jobs.
Walgreens was successfully shamed into staying stateside after a proposed move to Switzerland, so I assume everyone's on board with a boycott of BK. Workers should already be picketing for higher wages if the company stands to grow from the merger.

What actions might Burger King take to remain competitive in this country, instead of running across the border like traitorous colonial loyalists?…
Anyone else notice the culture of homely girls with 'look at my tits' tattoos plastered on their chests? Couldn't you just get some LED implants in the form of blinking arrows pointing directly to those babies? How desperate for attention can a human being get, honestly? I feel like I'm living a 70's, lesbian, jailhouse gang movie...……………
The government is unloading billions of dollars in weapons of war onto American streets. Drones, military training and APC's built to withstand IED's are coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Police State much? Marine tells it best...…

SWAT team murders a dude...…

Feel safer yet?



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